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Mobility Urban Values

MUV – Mobility Urban Values – levers behavior change in local communities using an innovative approach to improve urban mobility: changing commuting habits through a game that mixes digital and physical experiences.
Rather than focus on costly and rapidly ageing urban infrastructures, MUV promotes a shift towards more sustainable and healthy mobility choices by engaging in a positive way local communities, local businesses, policymakers and Open Data enthusiasts.

MUV solutions will be open, co-created with a strong learning community of users and stakeholders, and piloted in a set of diverse urban neighborhoods spread across Europe: Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona (ES), Fundao (PT), Ghent (BE), Helsinki (FI), Palermo (IT).

Mobility and environmental data gathered via the mobile app and the monitoring stations, all released as Open Data, will allow policymakers to enhance planning processes and civic hackers to build new services able to improve cities’ quality of life in a more effective way.  


Lissandrello, Enza (PI)
Morelli, Nicola (PI)
Götzen, Amalia De (PI)
Becermen, Begüm (PI) 


Aalborg University
PUSH - Palermo Urban Solutions Hub
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
BaG! Consulting Ida
LUCA-School of Arts, Campus Lemmens, Leuven 
Fundacio Privada I2cat, Internet I Innovacio Digital A Catalunya
Forum Virium Helsinki
Municipio do Fundacao
Comune di Palermo
Stichting Waag Society
Institut Municipal de Informatica de Barcelona
Stadsbestuur van Gent
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
City of Amsterdam

Status: Active
Effective start/end date 01/06/2017 → …


contact: enza@plan.aau.dk

Service Systems Design Master: innovation and Entrepreneuship

The focus of this project is to develop newer approaches to design services, fousing on teaching entrepreneurial and value-creating actions and ways of thinking. The master has a strong component on user participation and social innovation. Therefore, a natural development of the academic curriculum (which would require extra funding) would be the addition of a focus on implementing entrepreneurship and new businesses, methods and processes within existing organizations. In this Master education, knowledge about Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be integrated in several ways: Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be a part of the main curriculum in the third semester of the education, where the focus is on examining the students' field of studies and future professional life in a new framework by
introducing business aspects into their academic work. This is achieved through two courses on industrialization of services and on strategies, innovation and business models, as well as a project focused on innovation in connection with a company.

Götzen, Amalia De (Project Manager)
Morelli, Nicola (Project Participant)

Status: Finished
Effective start/end date 01/09/2014 → 30/09/2015


Open4Citizens. Empowering citizens to the make meaningful use of open data

A project to involve citizens to design new public services based on the use of open data.

The project will engage citizens, interest groups, IT experts, public authorities and Start-ups in hackathons, to develop new services based on open data. The results of the hackathons will be developed in new applicaitons and services that will be tested by citizens and possibly developed to a commercial/operative application. The knowledge from the hackathons will also be used to create OpenDataLabs, that will become a reference point for citizens to develop new services and initiatives.


Increasing citizens' awareness of the potential of open data. Defining a methodology for the cooperation of citizens, IT experts and institutions, on the use of open data.


Morelli, Nicola (Project Coordinator)
Götzen, Amalia De (PI)
Mardare, Diana Nicoleta (Project Manager)
Torntoft, Louise Klitgaard (PI)


Aalborg University
Politecnico di Milano
TU Delft
Fundacio Privada I2cat, Internet I Innovacio Digital A Catalunya

Status: Active
Effective start/end date: 01/01/2016 → 30/06/2018


contact: lto@create.aau.dk

My Neighbourhood

MyNeighbourhood vision is twofold as combining a specific concept of smart city and a evocative idea of how a community can be developed at the scale of urban neighbourhoods.

The smart city vision feeding MyNeighbourhood is mainly rooted on the idea that a smart city is a city where people, citizens are the main actors of the urban smartness. In such a smart city people do not adopt technologies chosen and acquired from the ICT markets by their municipal governments; in such a smart city, the appropriation by citizens of technology solutions, even simple, frugal solutions, is strongly consequent to people needs and to their ability to develop a solution throughout interactive, dialogic, collaborative processes where the public actor and the ICT private provider are no longer linked by a buyer-seller relationship thus sidestepping the issue of vendor lock-in; in such a smart city new forms of public-private-people partnerships are developed having more the forms of alliances, synergies rather than negotiated relationships. In such smart cities new, innovative space for ICT market can be created as deeply rooted in real problems of people, in their urban daily lives, in their commitment to respond to their own needs.


Morelli, Nicola (Project Participant)
Kristensen, Maria Winther (Project Participant)
Morgensen, Pia Würtz (Project Participant)


Aalborg University
Aalborg Kommune (Project partner)
SINTEF ICT (Project partner)
Politecnico di Milano (Project partner)

Status: Finished
01/01/2013 → 30/06/2015






The DESIGNSCAPES project is the only funded project at European level (with a contribution of around 4 million euros) from the European Commission under the topic CO-CREATION-02-2016 - User-driven innovation: value creation through design-enabled innovation (Call identifier: CO-CREATION-02-2016).
The project consortium, coordinated by ANCI Toscana, consists of 12 partners from 10 Member States (associations of municipalities, university departments of architecture and design, business schools, service centres, civil society organizations).
The project is precisely a Coordination Support Action (CSA) and it has the specific mandate to distribute € 1.5 million of its budget in favour of around 50 initiatives at local level in the Member States and associated countries to demonstrate the potential of Design enabled Innovation as an example of innovation in which the involvement of users in the process is central and innovation (applied to services, products, processes, business models, systems and organizations) is more successful thanks to co-creation.
The European Call specifically requires that, on the basis of the experience of the funded projects, the Designscapes consortium:
a) gathers data and metrics concerning the impact of design-related policies and programmes in terms of user benefit and business impact, 
b) develops a transferable methodology to make design an integral part of value creation and a self-sustaining element of innovation processes
c) develops a methodology on how actors in different sectors can better connect with design-enabled innovation to increase efficiency and competitiveness in their respective sectors.
d) elaborates a common impact evaluation methodology and respective indicators, to be applied across sectors and scalable to organisational, regional, national and European level.


Morelli, Nicola (PI)
Götzen, Amalia De (PI)
Simeone, Luca (PI)
van Dam, Kirsten (PI)


Design-Enabled Innovation , value-creation, co-creation , Service Design 


Aalborg University
Politecnico di Milano
Anci Toscana
Delft University of Technology
University of Valencia
Vale do Ave Municipalities association
University of Surrey
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
RAM Central Stara Planina

Status :Active
Effective start/end date 01/06/2017 → …


contact: kvd@create.aau.dk

Life 2.0

Lifi 2.0 Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people

This is a EU funded project under the ICT - PSP funding scheme. The project aims at using geographical positioning systems and social networking applicaiton to support elderly people's independent life


Morelli, Nicola (Project Manager)
Prasad, Neeli R. (Project Manager)
Kristensen, Maria Winther (Project Participant)


GPS, Tracking systems, Elderly people, Social Networking, Smart Cities


Design for All Foundation Award 2013 

Status: Finished
Effective start/end date 01/11/2010 → 31/10/2013