The following bachelor's degrees qualify for the master's programme in Service Systems Design at AAU-Cph:

Bachelor's degrees within e.g. architecture, design or human centered informatics may also qualify for the postgraduate programme in Service Systems Design.
If your bachelor's degree does not immediately qualify for the master's programme in Service Systems Design, your application will be assessed by the Study Board of Media Technology.

Screening of applications is based on the following criteria in order of priority:

  • Grades obtained on completed semesters of the undergraduate programme at the time of assessment.
  • The given motivation for studying and the knowledge of the MSc.
  • Relevant, verifiable extra-curricular activities, e.g. work experience within IT and / or companies within Service Design.

*Please note that the bachelor's programme in Medialogy in Esbjerg is closed for admittance from September 2015. Bachelors in Medialogy from AAU Esbjerg are equally to Medialogy bachelors from Aalborg and Copenhagen qualified to apply for the master's in Service Systems Design in Copenhagen.

Entry restrictions

This programme is entry restricted. Please keep yourself posted here.

application for Danish students

Danish students will find all the information needed about how to apply here. This page also includes important information for applicants holding a BEng degree (diplomingeniør) in Denmark. You must apply online via STADS where you may find deadlines and other relevant information.

appplication for International students

All international students (including those with Danish Residence Permit) must apply from this page. Here, you will find in detail all the steps you need to follow.

See also Official English Language Requirements for international students.

Tuition fee

EU/EEA students (i.e. students from all European countries) do not pay tuition fee. More information about tuition fees is available here.

application Deadline

The application deadline is the same for both Danish and international students:

1 March when applying for the September intake in the same year

If you have questions, you may find the answers in the FAQ page. Otherwise, you are welcome to contact us.