1st semester projects

services as interaction

// theme: transportation


Service Design students Begum Becermen, Camilla Liv Cramer- Nielsen and María Crucera Vasco won the prestigious IF World Design Students Awards 2016 for the project STEP. STEP is a social transport service concept for elderly people in rural Denmark, aimed at preventing isolation caused by the lack of accessibility to transport and by the mobility limitations.

This was the first semester project in our Service Systems Design Master, where they were asked to work around the theme "Transportation". You may read more about the award by clicking the picture or on read the Process Report or the Product Report


The group formed by Andreas Jonsson, Bánk Horváth, Christian Brandstrup Jensen, Jonas Wenke and Marianne Have Petersen was asked to work within the theme "Transportation".

"The nature and purpose of a stay in a foreign city will differ from person to person, and from situation to situation, but the general experience of being a visitor involves a set of specific, temporary needs. You need accommodation, you need food and drinks, and you will often have some plan or schedule of the things you are to do during your stay.

Whether your schedule include leisure or business oriented activities, meeting up with friends or family, checking out the local shops, cafés or bars, or experiencing museums, galleries or tourist attractions, one service is needed to bind all the elements of the experience together: transportation.

There are different ways of having this need satisfed. Whether public transportation, cars, bikes or walking is preferred, depends on the individual and the specific location. However, when considering the importance of bikes in the culture of Copenhagen, and seeing the vast amount of bikes in the city, a great opportunity and question comes to mind:

"How can we design and implement a peer-to-peer bike sharing / bike rental service, that empowers local bike owners and visitors to create economic and social value with and for each other?“ 

Our initiative, Byke, connects you with local bike owners of the place you are visiting. Byke makes it possible for you to rent a cool bike, and perhaps even get valuable insights on local places to see, and things to do, during your stay.

Byke is an online platform that is free and easy to use. You can access Byke from your smartphone or computer, and look for a bike that suits your exact needs. It is easy to get in touch with the local owners, and Byke will ensure your privacy and safety, both in terms of payment and insurance."

Click on the below image to read more about their project.


Designing a car pooling service not only means to design an application for people to take appointments and meet on the street, but also understanding the experience of travelling in someone else’s vehicle, or taking unknown people on board. These are the aspects the students of the first semester of the Service Design Master considered when designing this service. The service is offered to people working for the same company, because they somehow know each other and trust each other for the simple fact that they share the same working environment. An application is the touchpoint that allows the users to take appointments and to find each other at the meeting point.




// theme: Healthcare

The Buddy Caregiver Network

For this first semester project, the students were given the theme "Healthcare" and were responsible for developing their own challenge within the theme. The group formed by Kalinka, Christel, Chris, Rakel and Kasper focused on the challenge: 

"How might we improve the support and increase the focus on relatives within palliative care of terminal patients?"

On the basis of Copenhagen Healthcare Cluster’s proposal, the group conducted a set of initial desk research to help identify the wishes of the patient and their relatives, to better understand what the patient’s needs are, and to gain an overall understanding of the subject and palliative care as a whole. 

They designed "a service that enables relatives to terminal patients to care for their loved ones". Click on the image to read their process report and get a deeper understanding on their project.


Designing product service systems

// lunch courier

Lunch Courier is a service that delivers meals to companies during lunch time. Below is the system map that shows the service architecture and the further exploration of one of its service's touchpoints. Project made Jessica Ströhmann.